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HCCADA's 16-week adult outpatient treatment program is designed for persons actively involved in chemical dependency. The ability to remain abstinent from using for at least two weeks is an important factor. We understand that addiction does not always allow the stability life has to offer. We are here to address just that.

People needing treatment can receive help without having to take time off from work, leave their families, or enter a residential treatment center. Family members play an important role in entire recovery program, learning what addiction is and how they can be a support system for their loved one(s). This is a family disease affecting all of society and the world.

You will initially meet in confidentially with a member of HCCADA's counseling staff  who will work with you to break down any barriers hindering your attendance during outpatient treatment. The referral specialist will offer assistance in completing Medicaid applications and assist your family members in locating free medical assistance, mental health services for co-occurring diagnoses, and referrals for monetary help to pay for rent, utility bills, food, and clothing.

Additionally, HCCADA can refer you for job- and GED-training through a network system of supporters we have available. HCCADA can also offer resources in locating transportation to and from outpatient treatment, locating affordable housing, and locating day care if needed for your children.

Candidates for outpatient treatment are carefully and confidentially screened through an intake/assessment process, and if found appropriate, receive individualized treatment plans. All services are coordinated by our staff of licensed counselors and members of our Quality Management Team.

Outpatient treatment involves a series of weekly meetings: two 2-hour group sessions and one 1-hour individual counseling session. Outpatient treatment features lectures as well as group therapy, utilizing "Best Practices." Treatment continues until you have mastered basic skills for self-care and constant recovery.

The outpatient treatment group meets on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm., with some adjustments for holidays. Most often, you'll be in outpatient for 16 weeks, but this can vary in length depending on your individual needs.

For those who have completed the outpatient treatment program, or who need a little extra help outside the full program, HCCADA offers a 16-week counseling support program called Genesis. This program is provided by licensed counselors utilizing evidence-based models that support sustainable recovery. HCCADA staff also support AA programs as a continuing element in your treatment maintenance lifestyle.

Because addiction has far-reaching effects on family members, friends and co-workers, HCCADA's   Outpatient Treatment program takes pride in its ability to assess your situation and assist your family members in serving as a support system.  HCCADA's outpatient treatment program helps create the network of support and understanding that is so important to complete recovery for the entire family.


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To schedule an outpatient screening appointment, come by and fill out the outpatient registration form, and bring with you:

We will call you to set up an appointment.

Outpatient Treatment

 Outpatient primary care provides 5 hours of treatment per week for 16 weeks.

Financial assistance may be available.

Information and problem-solving is available to family members or concerned friends.

To register for the Outpatient Program, you need to first schedule an intake appointment.

Please call HCCADA at 830-367-4667 to schedule your appointment.