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HCCADA’s Treatment Philosophy

The Hill Country Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (HCCADA’s) program of substance abuse services is based on medical research that alcoholism and addiction to other drugs is a progressive disease. Research and evaluation studies indicate that long periods of sobriety, abstinence, and/or reduced drug use result from effective intervention and treatment. Research also demonstrates that treatment results in a marked reduction in negative consequences for patients, their families, friends, and society at large. This is measured by domestic violence, disrupted families, employment histories, and public costs for law enforcement, welfare dependence, medical costs, and admissions to psychiatric hospitals. As alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, relapsing disorders, continued treatment and support services will be required after any initial course of treatment.

Alcohol, tobacco, or other drug addiction is an individual, family, work site, and community affliction. They negatively impact all sectors of society regardless of age, education, race/ethnicity, gender, occupation, or socio-economic status. Therefore, it is critical that all citizens, especially teachers, employers, parents, and youth, understand the ability to treat the illness and the channels for getting a person into private or public treatment facilities. HCCADA realizes the importance of ensuring its treatment program meet established standards for providing services. Treatment must be tailored to the specific needs of each individual, and a continuum of treatment services is essential for matching patients with the optimal types and sequences of treatments. It is also important that specialized treatment services be available for populations with special needs and circumstances, such as adolescents, and pregnant women, members of minority populations, and those with disabilities.

HCCADA recognizes that substance abuse treatment cannot occur in isolation from law enforcement and public safety, educational institutions, and social, health, and economic services. It is essential that substance abuse treatment have linkages with all segments of society that are important to the recovery and rehabilitation of the alcoholic and addict.

A key viewpoint of HCCADA’s philosophy is recognizing the importance of breaking the generational cycle of addiction by providing intervention services as early as possible.


The Hill Country Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Inc. strives to prevent substance abuse and promote understanding of addictions by providing education, information, screenings, treatment, and referral services to the citizens of Bandera, Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr and Medina Counties.


Since 1991, the Hill Country Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Inc. (HCCADA) a non-profit organization has provided prevention, intervention and treatment services in response to youth, adults and hurting families across South Central Texas who are struggling with addiction/alcoholism and not knowing what to do or where to turn.

To meet the ever growing needs of our communities and the rapid growth, HCCADA began its program services to 300 persons annually. Times have changed and so have the services provided by the Council. Over a  23  year existence, learning what communities are lacking, HCCADA has developed 13 programs and services to accommodate those requests and assist over 3,000 persons each year either directly or indirectly. HCCADA prides itself on the pioneering of these services in the Hill Country.

Adult Outpatient Treatment is a growing and the essential need for persons and their families with substance abuse addictions requires special attention as well. One of our goals at HCCADA is to keep the families together while their loved ones are successfully going through treatment. That is what Outpatient provides, not only the person affected by addictions, but their families as well the opportunity to heal. Approximately 80 persons annually attend evening therapy sessions and weekly individual support therapy that has allowed them to stay in the workforce.

One of the most heart-felt experiences we see is the concern employers have for their employees. They rearrange work schedules to ensure their workers are getting the help they need. "Kudos to the understanding employers of our communities".

With funding from the Department of State Health Services, professional staff has provided Adult Outpatient Treatment since 2002, offering free outpatient treatment programming to those who qualify. Even those not meeting the poverty criteria, we offer a plan that costs less than most other outpatient facilities.   We accept Medicaid and numerous other insurance plans.

Our newest partnership is with the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Inc.  With this partnership HCCADA houses 2 Recovery Coaches who are available to visit with our clients through a web-portal internet system as well as face-to-face at our facility.  These coaches provide  help in accessing  housing, education, food, clothing, transportation, legal, medical and other social service assistance.  The web-portal can be accessed by clicking: http://www.recoverytexas.org.

Aftercare is an essential part of the adult outpatient experience, and enrollment into HCCADA’s 16-week  "Genesis"  program provides a means of sustainability and hope for those coming out of residential treatment or the prison system to bolster their rehabilitation skills and providing an understanding of a new lifestyle called “RECOVERY”.

This program is offered by a bilingual counselor to assist those with language barriers. "Genesis" is a support and transitioning program which is intended to encourage and bridge the person from a protected environment into life on a solid footing with faith, love and 12 step program principals.

Our communities are facing challenging times, the less fortunate will always need attention and we are here to provide help in any way that we can with compassion and understanding, and a deep desire to see them succeed. Our primary goal is to offer hope for the afflicted addict, alcoholic, or substance abuser and their families an alternative to health problems, insanity, incarceration or death this disease will deliver if not treated.

Our newest addition is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Vielka Johnson,  who works with our clients that present with Co-occurring disorders. Ms. Johnson is educated to provide trauma counseling as well.

We are here to assess individuals, make recommendations, refer to appropriate treatment modalities and encourage the best possible solutions to what can seem like a "giant" to those caught up in this world of chemical abuse or addiction. We also provide  hair follicle drug collections at very affordable prices for those concerned about a loved one, employee or individual where laboratory verification of being "Chemical Free" is an issue.

We would invite anyone interested to call, come by and visit us as we have literature and information available about addictions, our programs, AA/NA/CA meeting schedules available for civic, church, employers or others upon request.

We are a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit corporation which means your charitable contributions or estate offerings are and would be appreciated and fully deductible from your tax liability. You can be instrumental in helping others help themselves.

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